Hi I’m Joe Abs and I’m Here to Teach You How to Get 6 Pack Abs

Hi I’m Joe Abs and I’ve got the secret to getting abs. It took me a long time to figure out how to get abs, but now that I know it’s easy. You can get abs too! With my step by step instructions you’ll be able to have an amazing six pack in no time!

In order to get six pack abs you need a plan. A good plan will help you stay on track and make it easy for you to accomplish your goal of getting ripped! I’ve created the best step by step guide that’ll lead you through everything from start to finish so there’s no chance of confusion or mixed messages. My course is designed with one thing in mind: results! You won’t find any fluff here, only pure fat loss information that works. All my students succeed because they follow all instructions carefully and do exactly what they’re told. Just look at what Josh had to say about me “Joe Abs has been great helping me reach my fitness goals after years trying on my own.” That says something right?

If you have been trying to get 6 pack abs your whole like, but have not been able to pull it off – this course is for YOU! I’ve helped thousands of people get the abs they deserve and I can help you too!

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“What are some things Joe Abs will teach in his course?” * The exact steps for how to sit down, stand up, pull yourself back up and other important core movements. * How to do exercises that burn tons of fat so you have a six pack by summer. * An intense workout program designed just for those short on time but not results (you’ll be working out less than 30 minutes per day).

But working out is just part of the equation. The real secret sauce is your diet. Even professional bodybuilders like my old friend Nasser el Sonbaty used to say, “showing abs is 85% about nutrition and diet”.

Nasser and I used to go eat after our workouts together. He’d tell me about his experiences as a professional body builder and talk about girls (he was a ladies’ man). Nasser was known as “The Professor” and “Huge Nasser” and he was very proud that he was one of the heaviest guys to ever be able to show abs. Abs do not depend on one thing; you need the right training plus an optimal diet with plenty of protein to grow those muscles and turn your body into a fat-burning machine.

But what is this “optimal diet” that will get you six pack results? * How much should you be eating each day? What types of foods can suppress appetite or boost metabolism? Which ones specifically target belly fat so it melts away from your core?

In my program, I will give you the exact foods, in the exact quantities that you should be eating. I will give you a complete and customizable meal plan, with lots of tasty recipes. And I have great news – you will never have to go hungry – in fact, you will probably be eating more than ever before, but much differently.

I’ll take you through the right exercises to burn fat and build muscle in your core, arms, legs, back. You will find out what kinds of routines are optimal for burning belly fat – which ones work best when they are done at high intensity or low intensity? And finally I’ll teach you how to track all this information so that it’s easy for you to stay on track with your goals.

The course is called Abs Revealed because that is exactly what it does: It reveals everything about six pack abs – even if you think you can’t get a six-pack no matter what (but I’ll show why most people actually make their own problems worse by doing things like working out too much, eating the wrong foods or drinking too many calories).

Hope this makes some sense to you and that if you are ready to finally ready to discover the secrets which will help you get rock hard solid six pack abs, you will order my new Abs Revealed course and start rocking you own 6 pack abs.

Remember – chicks dig abs!

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