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Juicing Naked w Joe Abs: Beet and Apple Whole Juice

In this episode of Juicing Naked, Joe Abs makes a tasty and super healthy “red drink”:  Beet & Apple Whole Juice.

Here is the recipe that Joe Abs used today:

1/2 a large red beet
1 apple – any variety is good, Joe used a Golden Delicious
frozen strawberries – small handful
ice – handful (depending on how cold you like your drinks)
water – 1.5 cups

Try this Beet Apple Whole Juice this week and let Joe Abs know how you liked it.

Beets are a “super” anti-oxidants and provide the following benefits:

1. Beets Lower Blood Pressure
2. Beets Boost Your Stamina
3. Beets Fight Inflammation
4. Beets Anti-Cancer Properties
5. Beets Provide Valuable Nutrients and Fiber
6. Beets Help to Purify Your Blood and Liver

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I Just Had To Cheat …

Cheating Myself?:  I Just Had to Cheat on my Clean Eating Live-It

For my first year or two of eating clean, I never really even liked to take a cheat day – or day off from clean eating.  Often when I did, I would feel ill because my body no longer processes crappy food the way it did when I ate that way all the time.  My body is now used to good food – the right fuel to power my Tesla of a body.  (I would have said Ferrari, but I’m Getting A Tesla).

Now that my body is used to eating mostly good foods, I do take a cheat day, cheat meal and/or a cheat snack now and again.  Some people think it’s ok to take a cheat day or cheat meal once every week, but that is a bit too often for me.  If I keep it to every 10 days or so (sometimes more often, sometimes less often). 

Each person will find their own personal schedule that works for them – or sometimes against them.  Just by allowing yourself one cheat meal, you are opening yourself up to the thought that it is okay to cheat …  This is okay for some people, but often clean eaters can fall right back into the SAD (Standard American Diet).  Some can find all their previous hard work and dedication to training and eating clean was taken away by a fork and set of overactive chompers. I don’t want that for me or you.

Despite my constant fear of returning to a SAD, I do cheat every so often.  When I do, I usually over-do.  Last night was no exception.

Stacia, Makaya and I were planning to go to my parent’s place in Seattle so they could take us to dinner.  Earlier last week, Mom said we’d be going to pizza, so I planned my week’s eating around a cheat meal of pizza.  (I really LOVE pizza and could probably actually survive on pizza and beer alone – actually I did survive on pizza and beer for a couple of years in college).  I was really looking forward to eating pizza, which is now a rare treat for me.

We got to their place and start walking towards where all the restaurants are (they live in a pretty cool part of Seattle named Green Lake).  Then Jim pointed across the street and said ‘that’s where we’re going’.  Apparently they changed their minds about pizza and wanted to try a new place that was built right where there formerly was a Baskin and Robbins ice cream shop.  We used to visit there A LOT when my daughter was still a baby and before I started eating clean.

This new place is called The Shelter Lounge and has another location in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle too.  When my mom first said we’re going to The Shelter, I thought she was going to take us to feed the homeless or something (which is always a good thing to do).  Before we went it, she said they hadn’t been there before, but that it was really noisy (the noise from inside could easily be heard from the sidewalk).

The Shelter Green Lake was really hoping and very busy.  It seemed like a real nice design of the building, but with the glass roof on the patio, it made the entire place feel much like an oven.  The design didn’t do much to quell the din of the diners / partiers either – it really seemed to amplify it.  Between the heat and the noise, it wasn’t a great experience – although most seemed to like the food alright.  Looking back though, I was the only one to clean my plate – and I had a spinach salad with a chicken breast.

I had actually dodged a cheat meal!  Then I had to sit through a dessert detour for Fro-Yo ….  I was actually surprised that Stacia abstained from getting the ‘healthy’ frozen yogurt …  After Jim kept saying how healthy it was, I had to do some research.  Here are 5 Myths About Frozen Yogurt.

I had now dodged a cheat meal and a cheat dessert!  Was feeling pretty good about myself, but then realized that I was really looking forward to cheating on my clean eating live-it.  I just HAD to do it.  Just HAD to. 

I had already eaten dinner, so pizza wasn’t in my near future.  But I did owe it to myself a good opportunity to cheat.  So instead of driving straight home, my car took us directly to the grocery store where I bought Makaya’s favorite ice cream AND Stacia’s favorite oatmeal raisin cookies AND chocolate whip topping to put on top of it all with the chocolate syrup we already had in the fridge.

We sped home, where I promptly ate not just one, but two bowls of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream with oatmeal raisin cookies, chocolate whipped cream and chocolate syrup on top.  I had the cheat that I wanted – the cheat that I needed.  It didn’t make me feel any better – in fact it made me feel like CRAP. 

I had my cheat last night and I’m paying the price today and tomorrow and the next day I’m sure.  I did have to start my workout this morning with 60 minutes of hard cardio – and feel like I should probably go back for some more tonight.

It’s okay to cheat on a clean eating live-it once in awhile.  In fact eating a cheat meal can potentially help.  For cheating can help reignite their metabolism which can adjust to good foods of the Live-It and get a little lazy and slow down.

If you’re going to cheat on your Live-It, I suggest going at it in moderation.  You definitely don’t have to over-do it like I did.  A couple cookies or a small, single bowl of ice cream would have been more than enough.

The question for the day is:  Do YOU cheat on YOUR Live-It?  If so, how and how often.  We all want to know, so please don’t be afraid to dish on yourself!

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Current Reads: Joe Abs Book List

Sometime in the near future, I will rebuild the bibliography page that this site used to have.  I will add to it and update it.

I am currently reading a few different books and a couple of them are appropriate for people interested in health and nutrition.  Let me tell you about them:

Best Green Drinks Ever

Best Green Drinks Ever, Boost Your Juice with Antioxidants, Protein and More is by Katrine Van Wyk, a former model from Norway who I somehow met on social media (I actually forgot how, but want to check out her book on green smoothies).

Katrine has also written another book called Best Green Eats Ever.

You can buy them both on

Over 50 Looking 30! 

Over 50 Looking 30! The Secrets of Staying Young is a book by Nina Anderson and Howard Peiper, MD.  It is illustrated by Richard Vail.

Some of what I already do for health, nutrition and fitness is covered in this book, but it does include some information on enzymes, minerals and essential fatty acids that I am not yet up to speed on.

You can buy Over 50 Looking 30! on

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No Whey! Working Out with No Protein Powder?

No Whey Protein Powder in June

For the entire month of June, I did not make or consume any whey protein shakes.  That may not seem like a big deal to most, but for someone who works out daily and is always wanting to cut bodyfat and build muscle, it is HUGE.  Especially considering the fact that often when I am drinking protein shakes, I’ll have 3 to 5 a day.  I can easily go through a tub of whey protein powder in less than 3 days – about three a week.

In fact, on July 1st I rushed right out and got a bucket of the whey protein that I (used to) like best – and a
gallon of milk.  The milk was gone the first day and I had to buy more.  I had the last serving of the protein around 9am on the 3rd.  It hadn’t lasted 2 full days.

In the past, I would have gone back out and bought a couple of tubs of the whey protein powder and made sure that I did not run out.  This time, I was pretty positive that I did not want to fall back into that rut.

Three Things I Discovered While Consuming No Whey Protein

  1. I did not lose any weight when I dropped whey protein from my Live-It.  I had thought I would lose a lot of weight, but that did not actually happen.
  2. I farted A LOT less.  Yes, I still had plenty of gas, but not nearly as much, was less bloated – and the farts did not smell nearly as bad as with the whey.  I almost killed Stacia with a really bad one when I went back to whey for two days …
  3. I didn’t lose any muscle mass.  I didn’t test bodyfat or muscle weight before or after my experiment, but I’m pretty positive that I did not lose any muscle mass and might have actually gained some.


I have decided all the bodybuilding books, articles, sites, etc that tell you that you need to consume protein powders to get strong and cut are WRONG (at least for me).  I could be wrong about this, check back with me in another 89 days, 6 hours and 13 minutes – or maybe a few days before the celebrating begins.  
Ironically just after I decided to take whey protein out of my Live-It I received an email from Muscle and Fitness with a link to an article called The Definitive Guide to Understanding Whey Protein.  This article does have some good information about whey protein, but does not talk about plant based proteins and screams out 

Make whey the foundation of your muscle-building stack (Muscle and Fitness)

If you read the article and click around it is obvious that they are just trying to sell whey protein and other supplements to make money.  Not sure they really want their readers to be healthy.
I have also decided that I don’t need to want whey in my Live-It at all.  I don’t think it adds anything except an excuse not to eat real food.  Whey protein shakes can be convenient and tasty, but I now prefer to use real food to fuel my body.
If and when I feel like I need a protein shake, I will now use a Vegan protein powder like Vega Sport (affiliate link at  I’ve tried each of their flavors (with water instead of milk) and they are palatable and something I could get used to.  Vega Sport has 25 grams of plant based protein in each serving. I’d probably try consuming Vega Sport daily with my green drinks, but at this point while trying to conserve money, I just cannot rationalize the expense.  It’s probably better for my body than whey, but it’s also over twice as expensive.
Full Disclosure:  I did actually eat a number of whey based protein bars during June.  I’ve known for some time that these protein bars are crap and really bad for me.  In fact I’ve called them “Fart Bars” for a couple of years now.  I’m pretty much done with fart bars now too!
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Joe Abs is Now at Blogger

Host Gator Sucks! Now Hosted at Blogger

HostGator Sucks

Now in the process of moving most of my websites over to Blogger where they can be under Google’s eye … and hosting is FREE.

I had two separate HostGator hosting servers get hacked and their ‘curse-tomer’ service has really gone down hill.  Most of my sites have been down for over 24 hours and their is no relief from HostGator in sight.
 I’ve called them and been with online chats with them several times, but they always just say wait, wait, wait – just like the light to cross the street.

Can no longer afford to wait for Host Gator – cause I’m gonna start living Large and In Charge.

At least I’m not the only one who got screwed by Host Gator:  Jordan Cooper made this video rant a couple of years ago.  Beware of ‘adult’ and pissed off language, but he does make a lot of good points.  Screw Hostgator!

BTW – there is also 69 (plus me = 70) people who like a page on Facebook called HostGator Sucks.