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Free Jump Ropes for San Diego 6th Graders

Jump Ropes for San Diego 6th gradersAs the first stage of my plan to help See America Fit Again, I want to give out (at least) 500 jump ropes to 6th Graders in San Diego County.  If you know of a San Diego County Physical Education PE Teacher who might be interested in helping get these free jump ropes into the hands of 6th grader (or maybe even 5th and/or 7th graders as well).  Please have them contact Joe Abs – or share this page and comment below.

If you are someone who is into fitness and/or sees the benefit of our youth adopting a healthy, active lifestyle, you will soon have an opportunity to purchase jump ropes for area youth.

The plan is to start locally, this year and then go nationwide in 2018.  The more we can get our youth into fitness and good nutrition, the less we will have to rely on unnecessary and expensive governmental health care problems.

If you want to end the Obesity crisis here in America, here is your chance to help!  Let’s get our kids creating healthy habits with fitness and nutrition so we can help See America Fit Again!

BTW – if you happen to know a corporation that would like to help reverse the obesity trend in the US, we would absolutely love to create some mutually beneficial partnerships.  Relatively small corporate donations can go a lot way to getting jump ropes and other exercise equipment into the hands of our youth who are the future of our cities, counties, states, country and planet.


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See America Fit Again

For some time now I have had an idea to help get people in the US get healthier by giving out jump ropes to 6th graders across the country – and at the same time teach them the principles of eating whole, clean food.

I want to give out 1,000 jump ropes in each of the 50 states = 50,000 jump ropes in 2018.

In 2019 I want to give out 100,000 jump ropes dispersed among all countries in the free world.

I will get big companies for major sponsorships to give out about 1/2 of the jump ropes – the rest can be purchased by anyone to donate to youth and help create healthy habits.

One of the first things that I need to work on is a Sponsorship Guide that provides different levels of sponsoring – dollar levels, benefits, etc.  Opportunity for exclusive sponsorships, including fitness companies, health food companies, supplement suppliers, travel sponsors (hotel, transportation), etc.

To really make this idea work, we (I at this point), will need to create some really nice partnerships between trainers, teachers, gyms, schools, grocery stores, sponsors – and maybe even some jump roping teams.