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Why I Went All-In as a Team BeachBody Coach

All-In with BeachBody and Joe AbsThree days ago I signed up as a Team BeachBody Coach, to help people get fit, healthy and happy!  I’m so excited to get started in this new business and lifestyle!

In interest of full disclosure and total transparency – this is not the first time I’ve been a Team BeachBody Coach.  I initially signed up as a ‘Coach’ about a year and a half ago, shortly after our daughter Ava Kalea was born.  My wife signed up to get back in shape after having the baby and wanted to get into the business while she was a stay at home mom – and I wanted to support her.  I was extremely skeptical of 1) working out at home and 2) BeachBody products in general – but always want to support my wife any way I can – and I was of course super happy that she wanted to get back into shape!  (the better shape we are in, the more fun our practice for making Ava Kalea, Jacqueline and Makaya a baby brother ……) Continue reading Why I Went All-In as a Team BeachBody Coach

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BeachBody Clean Week: Unboxing – What’s In the Box? (video)

Stacia and I are putting on a “Clean Week” starting on April 16th so that anyone who is interested can Make it a Week, Before Making it a Lifestyle. This is a great way to try eating clean and find out how great it makes you feel.

When you join us for clean week, you are going to find that you get to eat a lot of great, tasty foods – and that you will have more energy than you thought possible. You’ll probably even feel happier, more upbeat and just might lose a couple pounds in the process. This is just the start of creating a whole new healthier lifestyle.

This video is an unboxing of what comes in the box when you order Clean Week for $29.95 (plus shipping and handling).

You get access to all the Clean Week at home workouts on BeachBody on Demand, a Quick Start Guide, meal planner (including some tasty recipes) and a sampler of seven individual servings of Shakeology in different flavors. I chose the vegan version, as I’m working on being dairy-free – but the ‘regular’ or flavors that contain whey protein are also super tasty.

That’s what’s in the box, but what I didn’t mention in the video is that you also receive entry into our private facebook group and all the support and encouragement you need to help create your new healthy habits and energetic lifestyle. Stacia and I are both committed to helping you be super successful and hit your health and fitness goals.

Speaking of goals – I’d love to hear about yours! What are your goals? How are you going to feel when you reach them? We want to help you make that happen!


Lots of Love and Aloha,

Coach Joe

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Joseph Morgan Kennedy – my dad one year after his death

Joseph Morgan Kennedy - my dadMy Father – Joseph Morgan Kennedy Died One Year Ago Today

Today marks the day my dad died one year ago. I don’t remember crying, but I probably did. It wasn’t so much that it was sad that he died, but all he missed out on while he was still alive and healthy. He barely met his many grandchildren, and didn’t meet some – like Ava Kalea. When he did, he wasn’t very warm and seemed uncomfortable. I still remember the one time he held Jackie. It didn’t last long and neither of them were comfortable.

He had strained relationships with all of his children – my brothers and sister. I don’t think that he and Chris talked for many, many years. I had quit talking to him some time before his death because of his abusive emails, threatening me and giving me his unsolicited advice – but the last straw was when he threatened to sue Mom for some kind of co-signing deal 20-30 years earlier.

He was definitely NOT a happy person – and that was what was so sad. Continue reading Joseph Morgan Kennedy – my dad one year after his death