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Joseph Morgan Kennedy – my dad one year after his death

Joseph Morgan Kennedy - my dadMy Father – Joseph Morgan Kennedy Died One Year Ago Today

Today marks the day my dad died one year ago. I don’t remember crying, but I probably did. It wasn’t so much that it was sad that he died, but all he missed out on while he was still alive and healthy. He barely met his many grandchildren, and didn’t meet some – like Ava Kalea. When he did, he wasn’t very warm and seemed uncomfortable. I still remember the one time he held Jackie. It didn’t last long and neither of them were comfortable.

He had strained relationships with all of his children – my brothers and sister. I don’t think that he and Chris talked for many, many years. I had quit talking to him some time before his death because of his abusive emails, threatening me and giving me his unsolicited advice – but the last straw was when he threatened to sue Mom for some kind of co-signing deal 20-30 years earlier.

He was definitely NOT a happy person – and that was what was so sad. Continue reading Joseph Morgan Kennedy – my dad one year after his death