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Joe Abs DEXA Body Comp Scan Results January 3 2109

Just a short post to update on Joe Abs first DEXA body composition analysis of 2019. I did improve, but not a lot. Considering the improvement was made despite Christmas, New Years and my 56th birthday, a 4 day ski trip and some fairly painful injuries – I’ll take it.

Joe Abs Body Comp Results 10/18 – 1/19

I will also take it as extra motivation to really kick ass over the next 30 days or so.

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Joe Abs First DEXA Scan of 2019

Body Comp DEXA Body Composition Analysis Will Show Me Where I Stand

This morning I am going in for my first DEXA body composition scan of 2019. I’m really not looking forward to the results.

Although I should see slight improvements over my DEXA scan of December 2018, they won’t be what they could have or should have been. If I’m going to be honest with myself and with you, I’ve made a bunch of excuses over the last month. It was the holidays, I had my first ski trip in 4 years, I worked a lot, I was taking care of Ava Kalea most of the time, I injured both of my big toes, etc.

UPDATE: Joe Abs DEXA Body Comp San Diego Results January 3 2019

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Fit to Fat to Fit (Old Guy Version) Fat DEXA Results

Fit to Fat to Fit FAT Joe Kennedy 100218Yesterday, I had another DEXA Body Composition Test at Body Comp here in San Diego.  It was more than a little embarrassing for me – but in a sick way, I earned the ‘results’.

For the past 100 or so days, I have been eating (mostly) like a freaking pig.  Instead of my usual (fairly) clean diet (I call it a Live-It), I’ve been consuming pizza, ice cream, cookies, cakes, pasta, and donuts. I even drank a couple of half racks of beer like the ‘good ole days’.  Between June 27th and October 2nd of this year (98 days), I gained 41.9 pounds – including 29.3 pounds of gross, ugly fat.

Not a pretty site – I didn’t enjoy it at all and feel like total crap because of it.  Not only have gained a belly, but also man-boobs I never thought that I would be cursed with.  My energy levels have tanked, I’m much more easily out of breath – and I even have to sit down to put my shoes on.  I only have one pair of shorts that fit me (they have an elastic band) – and no pants that do.  I’ve had to resort to wearing sweats on several occasions.  For me, there are a couple of things that hurt bad:  1) I hate having fat thighs that rub together when I walk (waddle) and 2) I’m fat enough that even my wife is grossed out.  Painful – and not necessarily in that order.  Here are the major differences in my DEXA results in less than 100 days:  Continue reading Fit to Fat to Fit (Old Guy Version) Fat DEXA Results

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Latest DEXA Results Are In 90 Days Post Hernia

Joe Abs DEXA Results 031617This morning I took my first DEXA Body Composition exam since November 25, 2015.  It has been just 90 days since I was released to workout after recovering from hernia surgery in October.  It’s also been just over 6 months since Ava Kalea Kennedy was born – and man is it hard to work off that baby weight 😉  !!!!

I have been working out pretty good – at home with BeachBody workouts and sometimes at a 24 Hour Fitness – but my membership there just expired, so now I’ll be working out at home and on the beach with BeachBody and Stacia Kennedy.  My clean eating has been pretty good, with a mostly pescatarian diet for the past month or so.

Find Your Local DEXA Scan at

The last couple of times I had a DEXA scan, I was very disappointed in my results – I was expecting much better results – probably because I once tested out at 5.2% bodyfat on a BodPod.  While I know the BodPod is nowhere near as accurate as a DEXA scan, I was still hoping for less than 10% bodyfat.  In November 2015, I was 14.4% at 157.8 lbs.  Today I tested out at 14.5% body fat and weighed in at 165.9.  So in the last 16 months or so, I’ve not been able to workout much because of the hernia, my wife had a baby (usually a time of weight gain for both parents), had surgery, been diagnosed with AFIB, became a BeachBody Coach, gained about 8 lbs of muscle while maintaining a percentage of body fat that is lower than 92% of 25 year olds.

Not bad for a 54 year old guy whose abs are coming back ….

Want to learn how to make it happen for yourself?

My wife and I can be of great assistance and offer accountability, nutrition tips and tricks and will cheer you on all the way.  No charge for our time at all – just sign up to be a BeachBody Coach with us and drink your Shakeology Daily Dose of Dense Nutrition every day …  No gym memberships, expensive food or diets you won’t stick to – this is a way of living that is simple, healthy and designed to make you feel good and live your best life possible.

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Latest DEXA Scan: Mixed Results and New Direction

Earlier this week, two days before Thanksfeast Day, Stacia and I went back to the Washington Institute of Sports Medicine to get another DEXA body composition scan.  It was our second experience there and like the first time, I felt like my results were less than optimal.

Two years ago at my first DEXA scan, I was 50 years old, weighed in at 167.4 lbs and had a total body fat of 16.7%.  Despite the statistics showing I was in the top 1% of body comp for guys my age (and top 8% of 25 year old guys), I was disappointed.  After all, my previous most recent body comp test showed me at about 5.4% body fat – but that was in a Bod Pod and not nearly as accurate as a DEXA scan.

Want to Burn Fat and Lose Weight?

After our first DEXA scan, Stacia and I planned to go back for regular scans every 6 months or so.  That didn’t happen
for a couple of different reasons:

1) It’s not cheap to do – WISM charges $125 per scan.
2) I have been traveling for work a lot and it’s been a bit difficult to schedule and train for the scan.

Over the past 4 months, I have pretty much been constantly on the road too.  Only this time, I did not allow myself to not eat right (most of the time) or to not train (although rarely had a proper gym to workout at). I felt like I worked extremely hard to eat (mostly) clean and to get daily exercise, despite frequently being on my feet working for 10+ hours a day.

About 10 days prior to the DEXA scan, I was just over the weight of my scan two years earlier.  I already felt like I had cut quite a bit of body fat percentage, but decided to cut some weight rather quickly and lost over 10 pounds in the 10 days leading up to the DEXA scan.  Not sure it had much effect on the results of the scan, but I do know that my results did improve – just not nearly as much as I had expected.

Joe Abs DEXA Scan November 24, 2015:

157.8 lbs
Total Body Fat % = 14.4%
Top 1% for 52 year old men.
Top 97% for 25 year old men.

In the five days since the scan:

I cheated good on Thanksgiving (eating cream puffs, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and even pumpkin pie).
I have worked out 3 times, using heavier weights, lower reps, and shorter workout time.
I have set a goal to weigh 180 lbs, with 14.4% BF (or better) for my next DEXA scan – less than 6 months from now.
I have gained back more than the 10 lbs that I cut before this last DEXA scan.

Stacia Kennedy had much better improvement on her DEXA scan and seems pretty motivated to make future improvement as well.  I’m very proud of her, but don’t want to steal her thunder, so will let her tell y’all about it if she wants.

BTW – if you Are looking to take a DEXA scan in your area, check the directory at


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Internationally Recognized DXA Body Composition Scanning Available in World Class Facility on the Eastside

The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine in Kirkland offers widely sought body composition and bone density scanning – done in minutes.

by Joe Abs

The state of the art or Gold Standard of body composition has evolved with better technology and science over the years.  Among industry experts it is recognized that DXA scanning produces the most accurate results available with very little room for error.  There are not many places in the entire country that are currently offering the latest in DXA technology, but right here on the Eastside of Lake Washington, we are fortunate to have an amazing facility with the latest equipment to produce the best results – and the professional experts with the experience and qualifications to interpret the results for their clients.

The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine, under the guidance of Executive Director Dr. David Parker, has been using the Hologic DXA scanning machine to scan their clients for over two years now.  Parker is a Physiologist who has been involved with performing over ten thousand body compositions over the last 35 years – mostly with now dated technology like water dunk tanks and Bod Pods.  He has always wanted to work with the most current and accurate equipment, which is why he chose Hologic’s DXA Discovery W System for Advanced Body Composition Assessments to be used at his sports medicine clinic.

The Institute performed over 500 DXA scans in the first year it had the equipment, 700 in the 2nd year and is currently doing over 60 scans a month.  Most of their DXA clients are local, but it is not unusual for people to fly in from as far as Alaska, New York and California to take advantage of the technology offered, the professional expertise delivered and also their reasonable prices.  A complete initial DXA scan is currently only $125 at The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine, compared to prices up to $350 and beyond charged at other facilities around the country.

While a good percentage of the Institute’s clients are athletes and those involved in physical training or sports, more and more they are seeing a new type of clientele.  As people are becoming more aware of health problems being caused by weight issues, they are taking positive action, eating healthier and exercising, but wanting to know exactly where they stand with their body composition and where they need to improve.  Most schedule regular follow up scans to track their progress toward their health goals.

Besides being the most accurate body composition testing available, DXA testing has the advantage of not only providing a current percentage of body fat, but also includes a 3 point assessment of bone, muscle and fat for each arm, leg, your trunk and even where you store fat and how much fat is stored around your middle and hips, which is a telling indicator for risk of health issues.  The Hologic scanner that The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine uses also produces color imaging of your body showing skeletal bone, lean muscle and fat and can even provide your bone density health rating.

The scan itself is non-invasive, takes place completely clothed (sans metal zippers) and is done in six minutes.  For those who take their health seriously and want to know exactly where they stand, the DXA Body Composition scan is one that is being done on a regular basis.  The time and dollar investment is very minimal, especially considering the benefits of the information gained.  Try it today and make it a habit for life.

The Washington Institute of Sports Medicine is located at 12707 120th Ave NE, Ste 100, Kirkland, Washington 98034.  Their phone number is (425) 820-2110 and they can be found online at .