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Daily Workout: Sunday December 9, 2018

Yesterday was Day 2 in my quest to document my workouts and progress toward better fitness and health.  Simply writing things down helped allow me to beat the previous day’s numbers – substantially in many categories (although my fitness tracker had a different opinion and I didn’t reach my goal numbers of 20k steps a day).

Joe Abs Kennedy Very Fit Pro Activity December 9, 2018

Regardless of the fitness tracker numbers from the Very Fit Pro app, I felt much better about my workout – and my Live-It was better too.  After I got back from work in the morning, I cooked up a slow cooker with a variety of beans and black rice – and ate it several times during the day.  Once with chicken and a couple of times without.  I’m happy with that, as I work towards living on a more plant-based diet.

Here are the workout numbers for the day:

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