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Joe Abs First DEXA Scan of 2019

Body Comp DEXA Body Composition Analysis Will Show Me Where I Stand

This morning I am going in for my first DEXA body composition scan of 2019. I’m really not looking forward to the results.

Although I should see slight improvements over my DEXA scan of December 2018, they won’t be what they could have or should have been. If I’m going to be honest with myself and with you, I’ve made a bunch of excuses over the last month. It was the holidays, I had my first ski trip in 4 years, I worked a lot, I was taking care of Ava Kalea most of the time, I injured both of my big toes, etc.

UPDATE: Joe Abs DEXA Body Comp San Diego Results January 3 2019

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Daily Workout: Saturday December 8, 2018

I really didn’t write down much of my workout yesterday, as I didn’t really plan on it being the first day of my new fitness documentation process.  That said, I did write down some of it on my white board and I will share the photo of that here – along with a screenshot from the Very Fit Pro app that I use with my fitness tracker and a course of me sweating (some of) my man boobs off after 60 minutes of cardio downstairs at the gym at our apartments.

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