Crunches vs Sit-Ups Joe Abs

I’m So Happy and Grateful That My Gym is Closed?

The last couple of weeks have been strange because the gym I’ve been going to here on Oahu has been closed for remodeling until September 3rd. While I’ve visited a few other locations of the same chain, I’ve also taken the opportunity to start hiking and swimming in the ocean more often.

Today I went out and bought a yoga / sit-up mat so I can do crunches, sit-ups and planks. I’ve been doing much different than usual lifting lately, but not nearly as much core work as I want, need and like to re-claim the moniker “Joe Abs”.

Tonight I started again – slowly. 100 sit-ups and 5 sets of 1 minute planks. I will look to improve each and every day – at least thru my upcoming 60th birthday …

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