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Supplements to Help with Hormone and Autoimmune Issues

My beautiful wife has been suffering from the effects of hormone issues and autoimmunity problems for many, many years. These are not my words, but those of her client, employer and Functional Health Physician Extraodinaire, Dr. Maggie Yu. My words in the past have been “PLEASE get your hormone levels checked”, but of course she did not want to listen to me … Thankfully, the Universe brought her together with Dr. Maggie. Strange how that works ….

After going through extensive food sensitivity testing, aka “food mapping”, she has found that she is highly allergic to many of the foods that she was previously ‘enjoying’ – and that they have been having a negative effect on her hormone levels – and probably causing autoimmune issues. From my experience with Dr. Maggie’s super successful Transform Autoimmune Facebook Group, many autoimmune problems can be largely solved by simply controlling blood sugar levels. Proper diet and exercise. Simple right?

Dr. Maggie has recommended many supplements (which her company has formulated) which should be helping with many of the symptoms that Stacia has been suffering from – including headaches, lack of energy, hair loss, mood swings, menstruation issues and more. In an effort to understand what Stacia is taking and how it should be helping her, I will be learning and writing about some of the different supplements that she’s taking.

Here is the list:

Cardiotone 2x per day – (for high blood pressure) 

BalanceHER 2 in am 

PRO CORTIX 2 at night (to balance hormones at night) 


Simply The Essentials – Multi-Vitamin 2 per day 

Vitamin D 1 per day

PRO FLORA AI – Probiotic

Take this one on the weekend 

PRO FLORA GI – Take this one during the week 

PRO COLLAGEN WB – 1 scoop per day

FISH OIL – 2 per day

(can’t have gluten in any supplements and no rosemary) 

B12 – 1 per day 

It should be noted that she’s also taking some prescription drugs prescribed by her ‘regular’ doctor for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes – but I won’t list them here.

My goal is to learn as much as I can about all of these supplements and what they are supposed to be taken for – and to help Stacia get as healthy as possible. I really want her to be feeling good.

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