Joe Abs BeachBody Workout January 5 2019 – Core De Force MMA Shred

Joe Abs 5th BeachBody workout of 2019 – January 5, 2019.

Today my wife Stacia Kennedy joined me for my BeachBody workout. She’s had great success using Core De Force programs in the past, so I chose to go with a workout she was familiar with – MMA Shred from Core De Force and BeachBody on Demand. It was a really sweaty workout and we were also joined by two year old Ava Kalea who really wanted to join in the fun.

Personally I had some real challenges learning the moves – and as usual, had particular challenges with the exercises requiring balance.

As a side note, I’m hoping that I figured out how to fix my recent audio challenges – with the help of the HandBrake app.

The music I used in this video is The Emperor’s Army by Jeremy Blake courtesy of YouTube Audio Library.

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