Joe Abs BeachBody Workout January 2, 2019

Today’s BeachBody Workout: Total Body Core – Day 1 of BeachBody 80 Obsession

As I touched on in my blog post earlier today, my new schedule was derailed, but I had the opportunity to practice patience and flexibility. It also gave me the chance to make sure I got my BeachBody workout in no matter what.

Today’s BeachBody on Demand workout was Total Body Core, Day 1 of the 80 Day Obsession program with Autumn Calabrese. I was actually pleasantly surprised with the workout and how much it made me sweat. Autumn is a very experience trainer who explains the exercises very well and helps to motivate throughout the program.

I used light weights, wasn’t real great at many of the exercises and needed to modify on a few, but overall felt pretty good about the workout. I’m not sure I’m ready to commit to any one BeachBody workout program yet, but I will not hesitate to do more of the 80 Day Obsession or any other program with Autumn Calabrese.

What kind of workout did YOU do today? Do you have any suggestions on which workout from which BeachBody program I should do tomorrow?

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