Daily Workout: Monday December 10, 2018

Yesterday did not turn out to be much of a workout day for me.  It’s easy to make excuses, but it was just one of those days.  Got busy with Ava Kalea during the day and since the Seahawks were on Monday Night Football, I kind of let the day get away from me.

Daily Workout: Monday December 10, 2018 Joe Abs

The lone bright spot was that I did 66 minutes of cardio – but I still fell short of my 20k steps goal.  I got in 17,918 steps …

The worst part about the day besides not working out, was that I broke down and ate a bunch of cookies.  What was even worse was that I was the one who bought and baked the premade cookie dough …

I’ll just chalk that up as this week’s cheat day – and work a lot harder today.

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