I Stuffed Myself Like a Turkey During Thanksgiving – For 3 Straight Days

Stuffed Like a Turkey Joe AbsDespite my best intentions and many promises I made myself in the days leading up to Thanksgiving, I abused myself by overeating many foods I do not eat on a day to day basis.  Instead of holding steady on my course to a body composition test on my 55th birthday, I gained about 7 pounds in 3 days.  I’m sure it was all fat.  I’m definitely not proud of myself or my lack of willpower.

Of course I have all kinds of excuses:

  • I had not had my mom’s cooking for a year
  • Everyone else was eating like crap
  • I ‘deserved’ a break from eating clean
  • It was only one meal (that turned into a meal and a snack, two meals and a snack, two meals and two snacks and quickly into 3 straight days of eating a SAD diet)

On the way to Granny’s house I did well – eating only cold grilled chicken I had prepared special for the trip and drinking only water.  I even passed on the world famous Date Shakes from Dateland – but bought them for Stacia and Makaya (more on that later).  But once we arrived at Granny’s, my nutrition went downhill quickly.  I had allowed myself to get super hungry – but Thanksgiving dinner would not be ready for another two hours.  That led to some not so healthy snacking …  Then dinner.  I did pass on the mashed potatoes and dinner rolls, but ate stuffing and gravy – in addition to the traditional roasted turkey and baked ham.  And of course I had to have pumpkin pie – although I did hold myself to half a slice of what virtually everyone else ate.  The thing that really did me in was that I finish up with my mom’s homemade fudge – lots of it.  I probably ate at least 1/2 pound of it.  I hate thinking about how much sugar was in that …

Ava Kalea is just over 14 months and isn’t used to sleeping in strange places (or at home for that matter) – and she woke up around 2am.  Trying to keep her quiet and entertained, Stacia and I both got up – and guess what?  NO – we didn’t go searching for leftovers ….  We didn’t have to look that far.  My mom had left 2 1/2 loaves of homemade banana bread on the counter and we (mostly me) had to kill off one of them – with lots and lots of butter.  Does it count as a good thing that both the fudge and the banana bread had walnuts in them?

Feeling guilty the next morning, I did get up and run a couple of miles – but then I came back and pigged out on a huge breakfast with lots of bacon, eggs – and biscuits (with butter and jam).  Then more banana bread and fudge.

After a short swim in the pool with the baby and more unhealthy snacking, we feasted on Mom’s homemade Mac N Cheese.  Super delicious and too hard to turn down – but I know I shouldn’t have eaten even half as much as I did – or eat the half dozen Hawaiian dinner rolls that we also really tasty …  After the macaroni and cheese, I was totally full and had to wait a short while ….  before pigging out on another huge portion of Granny’s fudge.

That night we actually slept through the night and did not raid the kitchen, which was a good thing.  I still felt even more guilty about all the ‘feasting’ I had been doing and got up and ran a longer distance than the day before.  Even so, I still had another huge breakfast, although I did manage to skip the biscuits this time (small victory).  We went for another short swim and I went to the gym for a short workout with Grandpa – it was a really short workout and I really didn’t even get up a sweat (although it did feel good to be back in a gym – as it has been almost a full year since I’ve been in a real one).

After saying our goodbyes and thanking Granny and Grandpa for the hospitality (as well as all the unnecessary calories that I wasn’t thanking them for), we hit the road and headed out of town.  Within less than a couple of hours, we reached Dateland and the land of the famous (infamous?) date shakes.  I gave Stacia some money to get us all shakes – but I ordered a Chocolate Malt – extra thick.  I had seemingly just given up on my desire to transform back into Joe Abs.

To make matters even worse, soon after the malts I started planting in Stacia’s brain that I wanted pizza and more milkshakes for dinner once we got home.  So that’s what happened.  Once we got home, I turned on the football game (my UW Huskies killed the Wazzu Cougs in the annual Apple Cup) – and Stacia went out to round up the pizza and milkshake ingredients.  Needless to say – I went to bed fat – and happy (really?).

The next morning I weighed myself and I had gained 7 pounds in less than 3 days.  What a pig!  I was / am disgusted with myself …  But there were some positives that came from this:

  • I didn’t eat mashed potatoes with my turkey
  • I prepared, took and drank a couple of large green drinks for the trip
  • No alcohol consumed.  ZERO.  Well, almost zero.  I did drink my first beer in a very long time – I had one in the fridge for almost a year and decided to drink it with my pizza on Saturday night when we got home.
  • Even though I wanted another pizza and more milkshakes on Saturday night, I did not go for Round 2.
  • I now have even more progress to make to get to my goal of 8% bodyfat by my 55th birthday (December 27th).

Update December 1st:  Although I still have some extra flab from my 3 day nutrition detour, I have ‘lost’ the 7 pounds I gained and am back to full activity.  I have also joined Dai Manuel‘s December #NetZeroGain phase of the Whole Life Fitness Manifesto – it’s a great group and I’m happy to be a part of it even though my goals are a bit different from most everyone else.

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