Fitness Product Review: Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope

Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope greenThis is a fitness product review of the Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope.  I’d never really jumped rope before, but just before the beginning of the year (and shortly after being released to full activity following a hernia surgery), I decided to learn.  After all, who doesn’t want a body like a boxer’s?

I purchased several jump ropes before I discovered the Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope, but it is easily my favorite go-to jump rope for many reasons.  Number one in my book is that the cable is a weighted speed cable and heavy enough to get around (I’m still not good enough for “double unders” though).  I also love the memory foam handles that are so comfortable and easy to hold onto.  The PowerSkip Jump Rope comes in several colors and I have purchased them in green, blue and red.

The Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope comes with 10 feet of cable and can easily be adjusted for people who want a shorter rope.  Instructions come with the package, as well as information on how to access free online training videos (well worth watching).

I’ve purchased more expensive jump ropes and cheaper jump ropes, but at $18.99 (currently on sale for $14.97), the Epitomie Fitness PowerSkip Jump Rope is the real deal and a great bargain.  If you would like to purchase one to donate to our Jump Ropes for Youth program, just have it mailed to:

Jump Ropes for Youth
12588 Carmel Creek Rd, Ste 27
San Diego, CA  92130

We will get it into the hands of a 6th grader who will pledge to use it to help create a healthy fitness habit.

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