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Host Gator Sucks! Now Hosted at Blogger

HostGator Sucks

Now in the process of moving most of my websites over to Blogger where they can be under Google’s eye … and hosting is FREE.

I had two separate HostGator hosting servers get hacked and their ‘curse-tomer’ service has really gone down hill.  Most of my sites have been down for over 24 hours and their is no relief from HostGator in sight.
 I’ve called them and been with online chats with them several times, but they always just say wait, wait, wait – just like the light to cross the street.

Can no longer afford to wait for Host Gator – cause I’m gonna start living Large and In Charge.

At least I’m not the only one who got screwed by Host Gator:  Jordan Cooper made this video rant a couple of years ago.  Beware of ‘adult’ and pissed off language, but he does make a lot of good points.  Screw Hostgator!

BTW – there is also 69 (plus me = 70) people who like a page on Facebook called HostGator Sucks.

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