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Los Angeles’ Top Personal Trainer JJ Flizanes Says Losing Weight Is Much More Than Just A Numbers Game

JJ Flizanes LA Personal TrainerJJ Flizanes shares 5 secrets to lasting weight loss.  Let’s say you’ve tried diet after diet, you’ve done several exercise programs, gone on a retreat and detox, but nothing has worked to keep weight off long-term. Believe it or not, your weight is not purely a numbers game. Counting calories, footsteps and reps is just one small fraction of the formula. The entire equation is a matter of whole health balance ― digestive, hormonal, and emotional harmony are all required for a healthy, fit body. This New Year, ditch the diet mentality and learn the 5 Secrets to reach long-lasting weight loss!

Join Hollywood’s Holistic Fitness and Lifestyle Coach, JJ Flizanes, who was voted Los Angeles’ Number One Personal Trainer, as she offers her 5 secrets for achieving lasting weight loss in a way you’ve never seen before. Continue Reading