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80 Days to Fatness w Joe Abs Day 2

Today is Day 2 of my new program 80 Days to Fatness. Very sorry about the audio crack up – will use a different mic tomorrow … Today before noon I ate two chocolate croissants (580 calories each, about 10 m&m cookies, a banana (gotta eat something semi-healthy right?), two large handfuls of (salted) cashews, a huge, greasy grilled cheeseburger (with Sweet Baby Ray’s Barbecue Sauce) and a HUGE 32 oz chocolate malt with lots of ice cream and extra chocolate sauce.

While my wife eats a (very small) vegan diet and does her #80dayobsession @beachbody workouts, I am working to gain as much weight as possible in those same 80 days – and then I will attempt to get back to less than 10% bodyfat by summer …

#caloriesunknown #notcleaneating #80daystofatness #wishmeluck

Nutrition for January 16, 2018

4am 10 M&M Cookies (for breakfast)

6am 1 banana

Water 18oz, 18oz,

8am 2 Chocolate Croissants – 580 calories each

11:30am – two large handfuls of cashews with salt

12 noon – large cheeseburger w bbq sauce on English Muffin, 32 oz chocolate malt with lots of ice cream, raw egg and extra chocolate sauce



DB curls 20-20, 22 25-15,

Crunches 35, 36,

DB Flys 25-25, 30-20,

Front DB Shoulder Raises 15-15, 15-20,

Pushups – 12, 12, 12,



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