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Fitness Product Review: Epitomie Fitness Extreme Muscle Foam Roller


Epitomie Fitness Extreme Muscle Foam Roller Product Review

I recently got an Epitomie Fitness Extreme Muscle Foam Roller and have been using it every day since I received it.  This is my fitness review of the Epitomie Fitness Extreme Muscle Foam Roller.Epitomie Fitness Extreme Muscle Foam Roller Kryptonite Green

Despite working out for many years, I’ve never really been into foam rollers.  That is probably to my detriment and due to not taking the time to try them or use them in the right way.  I have used some in the past, but never consistently and probably never in the right way.  Lucky for me, Epitomie Fitness provided some great videos on how to use the foam roller like a pro! Continue Reading

Latest DEXA Results Are In 90 Days Post Hernia

This morning I took my first DEXA Body Composition exam since November 25, 2015.  It has been just 90 days since I was released to workout after recovering from hernia surgery in October.  It’s also been just over 6 months since Ava Kalea Kennedy was born – and man is it hard to work off… Continue Reading

Food Intake December 19, 2016

5:45 AM – Shakeology w 16 oz H2O 10 AM – 32 oz H2O, handful of cashews (unfortunately salted – one of my vices), small handful of dried cranberries, handful of almonds with vinegar and seasalt 1PM – 2 HB eggs, preworkout drink w 16oz H2O 1:15 PM Workout.  Monday Legs Day. 64 oz H2O… Continue Reading