Arnold Schwarzenegger is Kicking My Ass!

AArnold Schwarzenegger's Blueprint couple of weeks ago, a guy at the checkin desk at 24 Hour Fitness in Redmond asked me “what (body parts) are you working on today?”.  I had to think about it for a second, and simply replied “a little bit of everything”.  I’ve been writing down my workouts for a long time, but since I won my bet with Stacia and gained 21 pounds in 20 days, I’ve really been mostly working on abs and general conditioning.

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Excuses or Results? You Cannot Have Both!

Excuses or Results Not Both

I have a sadly misguided Facebook friend who is on a “die-it’ a friend of hers convinced her to go on.  I presume the friend’s purpose of this die-it is to sell some kind of ‘nutritional’ products that my FB friend does not need.  My FB friend is very proud of losing her first pound […]

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Three Easy Things to Do to Begin Burning More Fat

Burn Fat

By Joe Abs There are many, many things one can do to burn fat – in fact we are all burning some amount of fat – well, at least calories, all day every day. Here are three simple things that everyone can do to burn more fat.  In fact, if you aren’t already doing these […]

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102 Days to Hawaii and My Training Just Got Real

hawaii sunset

If you’ve read my last couple of posts here, I had a bet with my girlfriend – and I won the bet easily, BUT I lost my 6 pack abs in the process.  I know they are there somewhere – I just cannot see them (except in my mind and old photos). We’ve recently scheduled […]

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Joe Abs Gains 21 Pounds in 20 Days, Wins Bet, Loses 6 Pack

Last night I weighed in at 190 lbs, reaching the goal for my bet with @StaciaLoo. She had bet me that she could get to her target weight of 130 lbs from 149 lbs faster that I could get to 185 lbs from the 169 lbs I started at. I knew I would win – […]

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Eating Like a Pig is Hard Work

Wow – I cannot believe that eating like a pig is such hard work – and it’s expensive and make’s me tired. Nonetheless, I am committed to winning my #Fit2Fat bet with Stacia Loo.  For the last three days I’ve eaten 1.5 quarts of ice cream, pizzas, huge amounts of protein shakes with raw eggs […]

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Fit to Fat Update: Gross Grocery Photo

Fit to Fat Grocery Shopping

This morning after hitting the gym (Redmond 24 Hour Fitness), I stopped at Safeway to buy some groceries as I often do after working out. But today was a little different because of the Fit to Fat bet I have with Stacia Loo.  Instead of buying the same normal handful of clean eating items as […]

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JoeAbs Fit to Fat Bet with Stacia Loo

This video is about a bet my girlfriend Stacia Loo mistakenly made with me – and why I am no longer eating clean until after I win the bet. I guess she did not realize that I will do anything to WIN! I just stopped eating clean yesterday, but have gained 6 pounds in the […]

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Beware of Eating Out – Even at Places Like Taco Time That Claim to Be Healthy

Salt Kills

Since I started eating clean nearly 3 years ago, there are very few places that I would consider eating out at – except of course for ‘cheat’ meals. Until yesterday, one exception was Taco Time here in the Pacific Northwest.  Some time ago, they came out with a ‘Fit Hit’ menu that is only supposed […]

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I Cheat Every So Often: New Year’s Eve Cakes

New Years Eve cakes

Even a clean eater has to cheat once in awhile – one cannot always eat totally clean ….  For the past few years I have traditionally spoiled myself on New Year’s Eve by eating a Deluxe (double cheese burger gut bomb), french fries and a chocolate shake at Dick’s Drive-In and was looking forward to […]

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